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The following attachments contain information about the preschool and the registration form that needs to be completed. Any questions please call 724-272-1381 or email sharrar81@gmail.com

Enrollment letter 14-15

Registration Form

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Westminster Church Preschool recently took a field trip to the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh.

Gregory  Aiden IMGP5560 IMGP5559 IMGP5558 IMGP5556 IMGP5555 IMGP5554 IMGP5553 IMGP5552 IMGP5551 IMGP5550 IMGP5549 IMGP5548 IMGP5547 IMGP5546 IMGP5545 IMGP5544 IMGP5543 IMGP5542 IMGP5541 IMGP5540 IMGP5539 IMGP5538 IMGP5537 IMGP5536 IMGP5531 Children's Museum Field Trip

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3am Christmas Program at Westminster Preschool

ImageThe preschool children presented an awesome program in December to the delight of all that attended.  Please enjoy the picture.

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Pajama Day at Preschool

This week we had “Pajama Day” at preschool.  The children enjoyed a day full of “P” words and activities.  Some words were pears, please, pajamas, pictures, parachute, play doh, ponies, Preschool, push, pull, play, peek, pizza,Patti Poodle, Penelope Pig,  pickles……

Enjoy the pictures of our fun.

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Obstacle Course Day – sponsored by the Letter “Oo”

This week in preschool we continued talking about the 5 senses.  We talked about our sense of sight.  We used our eyes to help navigate through our preschool obstacle course of slides, scooters, balance beam (with a hidden octopus underneath.), bouncy balls, romper stompers, tunnels, and special shapes.  We learned “Oo” words like, octopus, octagon, optic nerve, ocean, otter, olive, and oboe.

Enjoy the children going through the course.

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First Place Float Winners

Westminster Church Preschool won first place in the float category at the Evans City Annual Oktoberfest Parade.  This is the second year in a row for the honor. 

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Beuatiful day at Yeck’s Farm

On Thursday, the preschool children took a field trip to Yeck’s Farms. We went on a hay ride, crawled through a hay tunnel, ran through a corn maze, saw and petted farm animals, ate a snack, and had a great time. Here are some pictures from the day.

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